In addition to serving as Director for the Center, Doug Keszler is a Distinguished Professor in Oregon State University’s Department of Chemistry, an adjunct professor in the Physics Department and a member of the Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI) leadership team. 

Douglas KeszlerHis research is focused on materials discovery and exploring new pathways to optimize materials fabrication and performance.  With colleagues at Oregon State University, he contributed to the discovery and development of transparent thin-film oxide transistors and co-authored Transparent Electronics.In the CSMC, he has developed new aqueous-based, green-chemistry platforms for the generation of inorganic electronic materials. These water-based, metal-cluster chemistries hold promise for enabling zero-waste processing of thin films for high-performance electronic & energy devices and coatings.  Such films can be directly patterned by using exposure tools common to the semiconductor industry.  With extreme UV photons, the materials produce the highest-resolution nanopatterns ever produced with light. The patterning materials are now known to the semiconductor industry as metal-oxide resists. They are opening many opportunities for efficiently extending Moore’s Law and the pathway to high-performance integrated circuits. 

His pioneering contributions are being commercialized by three start-up companies – Inpria, Amorphyx, and Beet.

Doug earned his Ph.D. from Northwestern University and his bachelor of science from Southwestern Oklahoma State University. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University.

He was also recently announced as Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies for the Oregon State College of Science.